Here’s What You Need To Know About The History Of Women’s Boots

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, one of the most authoritative sources in the world for all things related to the definition of words and phrases, boot – the type of shoe that you probably don’t need a definition of to recognize – is defined as “a fitted covering (as of leather or rubber) for the foot and usually reaching above the ankle.”

Boots are popular among both men and women all over the planet. They have been a popular type of footwear for many hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Here is a little bit of information about the history of women’s boots and how women’s boots became a popular type of footwear among women. 

How boots became popular for male use?

Although this isn’t perfectly clear, historians believe that boots may have originally become popular among men as a fashionable item of footwear after King Charles I was forced to wear boots as an infant and child to correct rickets, a medical condition responsible for causing walking difficulties also known as osteomalacia. 

Around this time, the most popular types of women’s footwear were pointed-toe slippers and, although less common than slippers, pumps with high heels. 

Women’s boots were often reserved for riding horse-drawn carriages during this time. In the 1600s and 1700s, women’s boots were not viewed as being fashionable. Rather, women’s boots were valued nearly exclusively for their functional value. 

Women’s boots first gained widespread popularity as being fashionable

In the early 1800s, specifically in 1815, the First Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellsley, defeated the legendary war hero Napoleon. This was a major accomplishment for Arhus Wellsley, as Napoleon was known as one of the most successful war generals in human history. 

Wellsley was known for wearing boots as a regular part of his outfit. Up until this point, the vast majority of boots stretched above the knee, if not to the upper portion of the thigh. Wellsley broke the mold by rocking low-cut boots – they were low-cut relative to the time period, at least – that reached as high as the calf. 

This is when womens boots first became popular, all thanks to the war victory of Arthur Wellsley in 1815.

Choosing women’s boots: Ladies who worked were the first group among which women’s boots were popular

From 1815 to roughly 1820, women’s boots became widely popular among women who worked for a living. A decade later, women’s boots began being viewed as fashionable even among female adults who didn’t work. Nowadays, women’s boots are still in and you can also find it online in websites like

Charles Goodyear – the Goodyear – made a major contribution to women’s boots

In 1837, Charles Goodyear, whom the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company was named after, discovered vulcanized rubber, a type of rubber that is derived from natural rubbers by mixing them with sulfur and heat. 

Vulcanized rubber was soon widely built into women’s boots, resulting in the invention of the elastic gusset boot.Easier to take on and off than previous types of boots, these new-and-improved women’s boots became popular among the seemingly-always-busy class of Victorian ladies.

For Top Quality Outdoor Footwear, Look No Further Than Merrell Shoes

When it comes to high quality footwear designed for outdoor use, Merrell shoes are widely recognized as being one of the top brands available today. Although Merrell is particularly known for its hiking and trail running shoes, the company also makes a broad spectrum of other products.

What is Merrell Shoes history?

The first Merrell shoes were produced in 1983 and ever since then, people of all ages worldwide have been purchasing and wearing various types of the company’s footwear. Merrell shoes are now owned by Wolverine World Wide and are sold in more than 100 different countries.

Besides their world-famous trail running and hiking shoes, Merrell makes well-built casual, fitness and slip-on shoes, as well as boots and sandals for both men and women. Additionally, this trusted company offers a full line of sturdy work shoes and work boots 

An extensive line of Merrell shoes for boys and girls offers an impressive selection of casual shoes, sandals, sneakers and boots. These shoes are favorites of parents and care-givers everywhere, because of their versatility and rugged durability.

The better lightweight footwear belongs to Merrell Shoes

One type of lightweight running shoe from Merrell shoes that has proven to be particularly popular is their strong yet comfortable “Jungle Moc” model. Available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, these attractive and functional shoes are available in a range of colors.

A comprehensive line of stylish and durable clothing and accessories for men and women are other components in Merrell’s product line.

Men’s clothing items from Merrell shoes include hiking, running and casual jackets, shirts and tee shirts, mid-layers and pants and shorts. Among the men’s accessories that are available from Merrell are duffle bags, waist belts, shoe cleaners, insoles, socks and sport caps.

Picking your Merrell Shoes for a gift

Some of the types of women’s clothing items available from Merrell shoes are casual and athletic jackets, dresses, pants and shorts, shirts and tee shirts and mid-layers. Merrell’s accessories for women include gloves, hats, scarves, socks, insoles, bags and shoe care items. Find more at Mode Footwear website

All things considered, Merrell shoes are a great brand of high quality American footwear that many people regularly wear. With their rugged durability, stylish appearance and expert workmanship, it’s easy to see why consumers everywhere think that Merrell shoes are the best outdoor footwear available today.

Fortunately for consumers, Merrell footwear can be purchased online through the company’s website, or at numerous retail stores. As a socially responsible and caring company, Merrell also supports causes that benefit veterans, the environment, hiking, and women’s advancement in outdoor activities and industries.

Skechers Shoes: Used by all the stars

Stars like Camilla Cabello, “Big Papi” David Ortiz, Ringo Starr, Meghan Trainor, Rob Lowe, Brooke Burke-Charvet, Sugar Ray Leonard, Brooke Henderson and Tony Romo have all walked a mile in these fancy shoes, so to speak. But also have walked with Skecher Shoes as well.

They are not alone. Lots of celebrities and non-celebrities alike enjoy slipping on a pair of famous Skechers Shoes for performance, work and an active lifestyle. The brand is a global giant and rates as the third largest footwear label in the United States.

Why all the ages uses Skecher Shoes?

There’s a comfy pair for everyone, including kids, teens and adults.

Skechers shoe clearance come in great sizing options of classic, relaxed and wide and are available for adult women in shoe sizes 5 through 12. The styling is modern, and the colors are often vibrant. For example, the super popular Skechers D’Lites are affordable at $65 a pair and come with amazing details. Find more Skechers mens shoes at

Camilla Cabello wears them in the commercial for the brand, and it’s not hard to see why. The style features a sporty casual sneaker with smooth “trubuck” leather, an air-cooled memory foam insole, a padded collar and tongue, contrast-colored mesh fabric panels, a side S logo and a flexible rubber traction outsole.

The perfect shoes for stars and fans

Fans of Skechers shoe clearance have given the D’Lites 4.5 stars out of 5 stars in online customer reviews. Some customers post photos wearing them, and this gives would-be buyers the incentive to shop and see how great the sneakers look in real situations modeled by real people and not from a commercial-based image.

Red Sox legend David Ortiz likes lacing up a pair of Skechers Shoes when he hits the greens. The newly retired professional slugger is obsessed with golf and Skechers’ high performing sneakers. His favorite Skechers Shoes are the Relaxed Fit, and they have proven to be ideal for the driving range.

Ortiz says the sneaker’s design is incredible, comfortable and excellent for a variety of activities. His feet have been through a lot of painful injuries and hours running on the baseball diamond, so the sneaker had to be the perfect fit. His Relaxed Fit sneakers are in red, of course.

Buying Skechers shoes for the whole family

For kids, Skechers Shoes feature the new Energy Lites sneakers, and these are so cool because the midsole fully encloses bright LED lights around the midsole edge. To activate the light show, one just presses the sneaker’s start button on the shoe’s tongue. Then, the midsole lights up first in Red Fire. A child can easily change the shade to Cool Blue, Alien Green, Purple, Teal, Neon Lime or White by one press each time.

The Energy Lites come with a charger for the LED midsole lights.

Caterpillar Shoes are Right For all Outdoor Pursuits

Spending time in the outdoors is a wonderful way to relax. People love doing all sorts of activities outside. Many people love being outdoors hiking trails and seeing wildlife in person. They also love spending time doing all sorts of other activities such as spending time exploring new cities they’ve never seen before. All those who spend a lot time outdoors need the right footwear. They need footwear that offers them protection against any type of terrain. This is why so many people have chosen to buy Caterpillar shoes. They know that Caterpillar shoes are the ideal choice for all those who want ready to head outside, anywhere at any time ready to relax and feel the wind in their hair and the sun on their face.

Why you can have a fun hiking with Caterpillar shoes?

Hiking is a really great activity. This is a fabulous way to get exercise and spend time in wonderful spaces. Even a short walk in the woods is a great way to refresh both mind and body. Those who spend a great deal of time hiking know the importance of having the best possible footwear. This is why many people turn to Caterpillar safety boots when they’re heading out on a hike. They know Caterpillar shoes offer them exactly what they need when they’re outside admiring a view, birding and enjoying the lush greenery in front of them. Caterpillar shoes let people focus on what is truly enjoyable about being outside under all sorts of varied conditions. You can find Caterpillar shoes online at

Caterpillar shoes are perfect for the beach

The beach is another wonderful place to enjoy and appreciate. Running your feet through the warm sands is a deeply pleasurable experience. At the same time, people need to make sure their feet are properly protected when they’re next to the beach. Putting on 
Caterpillar safety boots is a good choice for those who want to spend a lot of time on the beach without worrying about their feet. Caterpillar shoes let people do all sorts of terrific activities along the shore. They can use Caterpillar shoes to hit the boardwalk, walk along the jetties or play a game of volleyball with friends and family.

Choosing your Caterpillar shoes for the city life

City life is another thing that many people relish. Seeing the streets of Melbourne or Sydney in person is an experience to be savored and adored. A good set of shoes from Caterpillar lets people have the support they need in order to do anything they want all day long. People can spend hours admiring artwork, relaxing at a cafe and then dancing the night away as long as they have the right support. Those who know really great shoes use shoes from Caterpillar. They know they can count on them no matter what they are doing at and where they’re doing it. A pair of shoes from Caterpillar is the right way to offer the ideal for any kind of activity that the wearer has in mind. Those who want great shoes keep them in their closet ready and waiting for anything they have planned.

Seventh Pan-Armenian Painting Contest | Privacy Policy

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The personal information – name, age, town and country – will be published on the Website, along with the participant’s photo and the images of the submitted paintings. These paintings become the property of FPWC and will not be returned to the authors. FPWC reserves the right to retain the paintings and their images for its present or future use. They will not be sold to third parties.

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Contacting us
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Rockport Shoes: The ultimate comfort footwear

The footwear brand has been around for almost 50 years now and is popular in more than 60 countries around the globe. Rockport shoes keep refining their craft and putting out exceptional athletic, dress and casual shoes. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan are a fan, and she enjoys wearing them with her trademark leggings.

How Rockport Shoes for men started?

The footwear label had humble beginnings in 1971 as a father-son start-up. In 1990, former Rockport Vice President Tony Post ran the entire New York City Marathon wearing DresSports to prove that the Rockport shoes for men were that comfortable.

By the way, the famous DresSports are one of the first dress shoes ever to be constructed with sport technology and feature foam in the forefoot and supportive EVA in the heel cup. The unique dress shoe provides a super flexible outsole with soft and malleable uppers. Find more about Rockport shoes for men at Mode Footwear website.

In other sporting adventures, the brand has achieved glorious moments as elite sailors wore them for competitions like the Volvo Ocean Race and the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

The invention of Rockport shoes in the industry

Rockport shoes for men invented machine-washable footwear for women and men by 2005 and has continued to keep pace with an active, modern world.

By 2015, the Rockport shoes umbrella expanded by merging with Drydock Footwear and establishing the larger Rockport Group. That’s a lot of feet, shoes and many more miles to go.

For women, Rockport shoes believe that gorgeous footwear should be seen and “not hurt.” The brand’s Total Motion technology designs shoes with premium smooth leather, luxe suede and chic textures that fit like a glove. In addition, the shoes offer a cushioned footbed and excellent padding at the heel and forefoot.

The label’s tru-TECH features also add shock absorption at the heel and rebound at the forefoot.

Choosing your Rockport Shoes model

The Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump by Rockport shoes is a glamorous addition to their lineup with a 3-inch stiletto heel and sophisticated styling. The pump has memory foam for easy break-in and a lifetime of comfort and is available in sizes 5-11.

For men, Rockport shoes have designed some handsome slip-on footwear that is very popular. For example, the Bowman Double Gore Slip-On is the perfect sockless go-to shoe with good looks, comfort and performance and rich burnished leather. A padded collar, foam footbed and rugged outsole for traction make this a great choice.

Rockport shoes are prominent on social media like Facebook and Twitter to keep customers and fans up-to-date on the latest collections and innovations.

The brand’s worldwide headquarters are based in Newton, MA.

Seventh Pan-Armenian Painting Contest | 2010

It is already the seventh year the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), in cooperation with Yerevan Zoo and VivaCell-MTS organizes the Pan-Armenian Painting Contest. As in the previous years, the aim of the project is to consolidate the Armenian young generation all over the world and to engage them into the preservation of Armenian nature and wildlife. 

During the contest around 1000 children and young people from Armenia and Armenian communities abroad will have an opportunity to present their paintings expressing their notions, speculations and dreams concerning the environment. 

Children and young people of 5-16 years old living in Armenia and abroad are welcome to participate in the Seventh Pan-Armenian painting contest from August 30th through November 30th. The peak point of the nature painting competition is the yearly “Painting Day”. On October 25th, Yerevan Zoo will turn into a big open-air studio. 

By October 15 the authors of the best paintings will be invited to Yerevan Zoo to present their works to the public. The works of the participants from the Diaspora will be showcased separately during the “Painting Day”. The young winners of the Pan-Armenian Painting Competition contest will be chosen by an independent jury according to age categories and the awards will be given during FPWC’s annual end of the year event in December. 

The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets, Yerevan Zoo and VivaCell-MTS will present different prizes such as a bicycle, a photo camera, a video camera etc. to the best painters. Other special awards will be given by the Seventh Pan-Armenian Painting-Contest partners. 

A catalog compiling the best paintings from Armenian children all over the world will be published serving as educational material to increase the environmental awareness of the society. Throughout the following year all the material will also be presented in other public areas belonging to partner organizations.

The topics of the Seventh Pan-Armenian Painting Contest are:

1.      A story of a bear (comics)

2.      If I had wings: Birds of Armenia

3.      Yerevan Zoo 2025

4.      Protect the ozone layer because it protects you

SunChild Festival

SunChild Environmental Festival is held every two years in Armenia and is the only environmental festival in the South Caucasus region. The third festival is currently being planned for 2011. The festival will take place at different venues throughout the city centre of Yerevan. The Festival is implemented by the “Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) in Republic of Armenia” and Vivacell-MTS.

SunChild Eco tours: SET


FPWC implemented the B&B project in Urtsadzor in in 2014.
Socially disadvanteged single mothers and women in vulnerable living conditions were especially encouraged and supported to become B&B hosts as by running a B&B they can be empowered to improve their social status as well as their living conditions.
The hosts receive training in English language lessons and hospitality courses to prepare for foreign tourists. Their houses (bathroom, bedroom and partly halls) were renovated and equipped with solar panels to provide access to hot water.
The amount which is flowing back from the B&Bs and the Eco Lodge is invested by FPWC for nature conservation and wildlife preservation.
Currently there are three functional B&Bs in Urtsadzor which enable the host families are enabled to gain additional income.

SunChild International Environmental Festival

The Festival screens wildlife and environmental films from all over the world and hosts workshops, exhibitions and media campaigns designed to foster a culture of environmental stewardship. During the 9 years of the festival’s existence, more than 300 films from 150 countries around the world have been screened. The SunChild International Environmental Festival is the first and only of its kind in the South Caucasus region.

The Festival takes place in autumn, but it also hosts screenings and workshops year round throughout Armenia for youth. This provides a space for youth to understand and engage environmental issues in order to find local solutions.

SunChild International Environmental Festival has been organized annually since 2007 by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC).

n a planet that faces complex issues that threaten to tear us apart, WE HOPE TO PROVIDE A PLATFORM TO FIND COMMON GROUP AND THE CONNECTION THAT IS NECESSARY TO SUSTAIN LIFE

We strive to provide a platform for people to come together, learn and create solutions.