For Top Quality Outdoor Footwear, Look No Further Than Merrell Shoes

When it comes to high quality footwear designed for outdoor use, Merrell shoes are widely recognized as being one of the top brands available today. Although Merrell is particularly known for its hiking and trail running shoes, the company also makes a broad spectrum of other products.

What is Merrell Shoes history?

The first Merrell shoes were produced in 1983 and ever since then, people of all ages worldwide have been purchasing and wearing various types of the company’s footwear. Merrell shoes are now owned by Wolverine World Wide and are sold in more than 100 different countries.

Besides their world-famous trail running and hiking shoes, Merrell makes well-built casual, fitness and slip-on shoes, as well as boots and sandals for both men and women. Additionally, this trusted company offers a full line of sturdy work shoes and work boots 

An extensive line of Merrell shoes for boys and girls offers an impressive selection of casual shoes, sandals, sneakers and boots. These shoes are favorites of parents and care-givers everywhere, because of their versatility and rugged durability.

The better lightweight footwear belongs to Merrell Shoes

One type of lightweight running shoe from Merrell shoes that has proven to be particularly popular is their strong yet comfortable “Jungle Moc” model. Available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, these attractive and functional shoes are available in a range of colors.

A comprehensive line of stylish and durable clothing and accessories for men and women are other components in Merrell’s product line.

Men’s clothing items from Merrell shoes include hiking, running and casual jackets, shirts and tee shirts, mid-layers and pants and shorts. Among the men’s accessories that are available from Merrell are duffle bags, waist belts, shoe cleaners, insoles, socks and sport caps.

Picking your Merrell Shoes for a gift

Some of the types of women’s clothing items available from Merrell shoes are casual and athletic jackets, dresses, pants and shorts, shirts and tee shirts and mid-layers. Merrell’s accessories for women include gloves, hats, scarves, socks, insoles, bags and shoe care items. Find more at Mode Footwear website

All things considered, Merrell shoes are a great brand of high quality American footwear that many people regularly wear. With their rugged durability, stylish appearance and expert workmanship, it’s easy to see why consumers everywhere think that Merrell shoes are the best outdoor footwear available today.

Fortunately for consumers, Merrell footwear can be purchased online through the company’s website, or at numerous retail stores. As a socially responsible and caring company, Merrell also supports causes that benefit veterans, the environment, hiking, and women’s advancement in outdoor activities and industries.