The Caucasus Wildlife Refuge is a 2000 hectares protected area in the vicinity of Khosrov Forest State Reserve. The territory with unique biodiversity has been leased for conservation by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC). The Caucasus Wildlife Refuge is the only private protected area in the South-Caucasus. The model project is supported by the British organization World Land Trust, the Dutch committee of the IUCN (IUCN NL) and VivaCell-MTS.

Live Cameras from the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge

These cameras have been installed in the CWR by the generous support of VivaCell-MTS

These cameras provide us with an exceptional opportunity to record huge amounts of unique footage showing broad range of rare animals like Syrian brown bears, Bezoar goats, Bearded vultures and others. Connecting these cameras to a network tremendously improves wildlife monitoring, providing remote access from the ranger station and from the FPWC office in Yerevan. For example, the FPWC staff could react immediately if a rare animal species is detected by a camera in a certain area. Poachers as well as any other illegal intruders in the CWR could be detected and chased on the spot, and wildfires could be detected earlier.