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The SOS Culture project’s summer camp in Lori region.

24.08.2012 16:14 Age: 5 yrs

The SOS Culture project’s summer camp in Lori region from August 13-19 is over. In the framework of the EU funded SOS Culture project, which is implemented by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), 50 most active members of the five Armenian SOS Culture Youth Clubs in Varagavan, Akhtala, Berdavan, Alaverdi and Yerevan were invited to take part in the summer camp.

 With an overall duration of 24 months, the SOS Culture project is funded by the European Union within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme and is implemented by FPWC in cooperation with the dvv international – Georgia Country office and Research on Armenian Architecture Foundation. The overall EU contribution to SOS Culture project is 492,754 Euro.

 The intensive summer camp, which took place thanks to a special contribution of VivaCell-MTS, aimed to activate young people (age 13 – 17) from remote Armenian regions for the preservation of local monuments. VivaCell-MTS is the general partner of FPWC. The company highly appreciates the EU funded SOS Culture project for its approach to support the preservation of cultural monuments in remote regions of Armenia and agreed to provide an extra funding in order to enable FPWC to organize the Training Camp and bring together 50 members of the Armenian SOS Culture Youth Clubs in Odzun. 

 During the summer camp the participants learned how to advocate for the protection of neglected churches, old houses, cemeteries, castles and other important historical sites in the vicinity of their communities by using media tools (video, photo, and internet) and an interactive website. Camp participants were excited and impressed. Ellen Mikayelyan, a Yerevan Zoo EcoClub member, who also participated in the summer camp said: "We learned a lot of important things, visited different historical places; I am especially impressed by the fieldworks".

 The summer camp offered young participants an enriching, meaningful, interactive and fun learning experience while simultaneously incorporating high quality academic knowledge in subjects as art and architecture history, armenology, and cross cultural studies. The children had an opportunity together with the director of the "Research on Armenian Architecture NGO" Samvel Karapetyan to visit the famous cultural sites such as Dsegh, Hovhannes Tumanyan’s Museum, Bardzrakarsh, Kobayr monastery, Sanahin monastery, Mikoyan Brothers’ Museum, Odzun monastery, upper and inner Horomayr churches. The trainings helped participants discover new interests, gain new skills and embark for an exciting journey into the history and culture of their home region.

 The director of Research on Armenian Architecture NGO Samvel Karapetyan said that the younger generation's attention towards the monuments may be there in case they are aware of them and they have guidance by the senior generation. "We have to sow the seeds, if the seeds are not sowed, the crop will not have a future. This camp aimed to train the teenagers to become worthy citizens of our country". Samvel Karapetyan highlighted the importance of learning the cultural values, recognition and respect of the fatherland since early age.

 During the final event the SOS Culture project and the achieved results of the summer camp were presented to the public. The summer camp participants set up 5 different booths which represented their communities, cultural values, and everything that is typical for their communities. The closing ceremony ended with dancing and singing, which is very typical for summer camps. During the 2-hour event, participants shared their 7 days in camp and their blog entries about the camp, which are posted in the SOS Culture youth club blog, www.sosculture.eu/blog.