Seventh Pan-Armenian Painting Contest | 2010

It is already the seventh year the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), in cooperation with Yerevan Zoo and VivaCell-MTS organizes the Pan-Armenian Painting Contest. As in the previous years, the aim of the project is to consolidate the Armenian young generation all over the world and to engage them into the preservation of Armenian nature and wildlife. 

During the contest around 1000 children and young people from Armenia and Armenian communities abroad will have an opportunity to present their paintings expressing their notions, speculations and dreams concerning the environment. 

Children and young people of 5-16 years old living in Armenia and abroad are welcome to participate in the Seventh Pan-Armenian painting contest from August 30th through November 30th. The peak point of the nature painting competition is the yearly “Painting Day”. On October 25th, Yerevan Zoo will turn into a big open-air studio. 

By October 15 the authors of the best paintings will be invited to Yerevan Zoo to present their works to the public. The works of the participants from the Diaspora will be showcased separately during the “Painting Day”. The young winners of the Pan-Armenian Painting Competition contest will be chosen by an independent jury according to age categories and the awards will be given during FPWC’s annual end of the year event in December. 

The Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets, Yerevan Zoo and VivaCell-MTS will present different prizes such as a bicycle, a photo camera, a video camera etc. to the best painters. Other special awards will be given by the Seventh Pan-Armenian Painting-Contest partners. 

A catalog compiling the best paintings from Armenian children all over the world will be published serving as educational material to increase the environmental awareness of the society. Throughout the following year all the material will also be presented in other public areas belonging to partner organizations.

The topics of the Seventh Pan-Armenian Painting Contest are:

1.      A story of a bear (comics)

2.      If I had wings: Birds of Armenia

3.      Yerevan Zoo 2025

4.      Protect the ozone layer because it protects you