Skechers Shoes: Used by all the stars

Stars like Camilla Cabello, “Big Papi” David Ortiz, Ringo Starr, Meghan Trainor, Rob Lowe, Brooke Burke-Charvet, Sugar Ray Leonard, Brooke Henderson and Tony Romo have all walked a mile in these fancy shoes, so to speak. But also have walked with Skecher Shoes as well.

They are not alone. Lots of celebrities and non-celebrities alike enjoy slipping on a pair of famous Skechers Shoes for performance, work and an active lifestyle. The brand is a global giant and rates as the third largest footwear label in the United States.

Why all the ages uses Skecher Shoes?

There’s a comfy pair for everyone, including kids, teens and adults.

Skechers shoe clearance come in great sizing options of classic, relaxed and wide and are available for adult women in shoe sizes 5 through 12. The styling is modern, and the colors are often vibrant. For example, the super popular Skechers D’Lites are affordable at $65 a pair and come with amazing details. Find more Skechers mens shoes at

Camilla Cabello wears them in the commercial for the brand, and it’s not hard to see why. The style features a sporty casual sneaker with smooth “trubuck” leather, an air-cooled memory foam insole, a padded collar and tongue, contrast-colored mesh fabric panels, a side S logo and a flexible rubber traction outsole.

The perfect shoes for stars and fans

Fans of Skechers shoe clearance have given the D’Lites 4.5 stars out of 5 stars in online customer reviews. Some customers post photos wearing them, and this gives would-be buyers the incentive to shop and see how great the sneakers look in real situations modeled by real people and not from a commercial-based image.

Red Sox legend David Ortiz likes lacing up a pair of Skechers Shoes when he hits the greens. The newly retired professional slugger is obsessed with golf and Skechers’ high performing sneakers. His favorite Skechers Shoes are the Relaxed Fit, and they have proven to be ideal for the driving range.

Ortiz says the sneaker’s design is incredible, comfortable and excellent for a variety of activities. His feet have been through a lot of painful injuries and hours running on the baseball diamond, so the sneaker had to be the perfect fit. His Relaxed Fit sneakers are in red, of course.

Buying Skechers shoes for the whole family

For kids, Skechers Shoes feature the new Energy Lites sneakers, and these are so cool because the midsole fully encloses bright LED lights around the midsole edge. To activate the light show, one just presses the sneaker’s start button on the shoe’s tongue. Then, the midsole lights up first in Red Fire. A child can easily change the shade to Cool Blue, Alien Green, Purple, Teal, Neon Lime or White by one press each time.

The Energy Lites come with a charger for the LED midsole lights.